First rhythmic gymnastics and dance gymnasium in Oklahoma

Bring your girls to the rhythmic gymnastics class where they will develop their motor skills and coordination through fun and specialized training.

Magic Stars Rhythmic Gymnastics is rhythm and passion

Discover the magic of rhythmic gymnastics, a sport that combines physical dexterity with grace, passion and art.

Modern equipment

With our modern and safe equipment, the athlete will be able to enjoy a unique and exciting rhythmic gymnastics experience with the peace of mind of knowing that she is protected and supported without worrying about injury or discomfort.

Expert trainers

We are proud to have a team of highly trained coaches dedicated to helping the athlete achieve her athletic goals.

Cozy atmosphere

In our gym the athlete will find a safe and supportive environment where she will improve her skills and develop her self-confidence, she will be part of a community that values respect, which makes for a welcoming atmosphere.

All about
Magic Stars Gymnastics
Our passion is to inspire and empower girls of all ages to discover the incredible potential of their bodies and minds through the practice of rhythmic gymnastics. In 2 years in the market, we are now more than a recreational gymnastics center; we now have a group of national and international competitive athletes, we promote holistic wellness and personal growth.
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Our classes

Each of our classes is tailored to suit different skill levels, from beginners to high-level athletes, and is designed to provide effective and long-lasting results.

Our instructors

Our team is comprised of 2 expert coaches who strive to guide and motivate each girl who joins our family. Each of our coaches has an infectious passion for rhythmic gymnastics and are committed to providing the best possible support to achieve goals.


We understand that everyone is unique and has different goals and needs. That's why we are proud to offer a wide variety of classes designed to fit your daughter.
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2 days per week
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3 days per week
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